Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: ‘East Coast Vs. West Coast’ [Episode 7]

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This episode of “Million Dollar Listing New York” has Fredrik bringing a pie to Ari, the property developer at his 4,252 sq. ft. listing.  Fredrik looks at the bathrooms and kitchen and declares that they are hideous.  I think they look fine.  Evidently I have no taste but I’d still like a piece of pie.  Fredrik says they have to price the place under $10 million because of the yucky bathrooms and kitchen.

Ryan and his girlfriend have hit a “rocky patch” in their relationship.  Honey, I could hear that expiration date ticking every time I saw her on my TV screen.  I will not be satisfied until Ryan marries the older Asian woman/hair bow mogul from last season and the potbellied pig is their ring bearer.  Ryan has to go out to California to meet with a client.  His assistant says he needs a tan before he goes out there.  Perhaps I have to adjust my TV screen, because Ryan already looks orange to me.

Luis is meeting with Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan’s pal Ian.  (I love a good crossover episode!)  Ian wants to split the commission with Luis but have Luis do all the work.  Is this the season where Luis gets paired up with a bunch of schlocky partners?  Does anyone remember Baby Huey?  It’s like Bravo’s version of “The Bachelor” but it’s with wannabe realtors and none of them deserve a rose or a commission!

I still don’t have a piece of pie and Fredrik is showing off the new listing to a woman named Alice with a magenta fur stole and a dog in a suitcase named BlahBlah which means “Cotton Ball.”  She should love the listing because her hair is from the 1970’s and the bathrooms are from the early 90’s!  Fredrik carries her dog around for her.  That Swede knows what makes good TV shots!


Ryan gets picked up from the airport in a white Rolls Royce.  Oh brother man, please!  Instead of looking opulent, it just looks like aerosol cheese from a can, cheesy!  His client is a skinnier version of Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio.  (Pseudo-crossover show!)  Faux Tom C. says he brought Ryan in because Los Angeles brokers are too soft and he needs “King Kong from New York.”  Ryan – King Kong?  Someone needs to get Faux Tom some stronger eyeglasses.

Back to the “Luis and Ian Show,” Gay Ian decides he really wants to “ram” home that Straight Luis is his biatch.  He asks Luis to pick up his dry cleaning. Luis, being a sweet little pocket muffin, does it but also has to pay for it!  I would have told Ian where to stick his dry cleaning.  Luis comes in late to the pre-construction site viewing with the clients carrying the dry cleaning like someone’s junior assistant.  Luis is trying to keep his cool, but Ian continues to act like Luis is his lackey.  Ian then tells Luis to walk his dog, while calling him “Ricky Ricardo.”  I don’t condone violence but I’d really like to see Luis smack him HARD.


Ryan and Faux Tom C look at a 3,300 square foot house with an amazing Cali view.  The seller’s agent wants $3.9 million.  Ryan says $3.1M.  Ryan treats the seller’s agent like he’s the pool boy.  The seller’s counter offer is $3.9M – not a dollar less than the original price.  Ryan underestimated the Pool Boy.  The two agents face off, but cannot agree.

Fredrik and Ari take on Alice and her portly realtor. Alice tries to play hardball with a low ball offer, but she’s not savvy enough to fool Fredrik.  He gets her to pay much more.  Deal signed.  $285,000 commission for high-kicking Freddy!

Ryan is frustrated in California. His girlfriend hasn’t been taking his calls in days.  Um, if she doesn’t answer your call I don’t think she is your girlfriend anymore.  Ryan’s phone eventually rings but it is the seller’s agent, not his girlfriend.  The seller’s agent has fallen for Ryan’s slickness and meets the price Ryan’s buyer wants to pay. Faux Tom C is very happy.

Ian finds a buyer for his property but it was a pre-negotiated exclusion to their joint listing agreement, so Luis is out all the money he spent to market the pre-construction property and is getting zero compensation for being treated like a stooge. Luis starts his tantrum.  He wants a chance to get a higher offer from his buyer and a chance to get a commission. Blah, blah, anger, bravado, testosterone, angst. Luis has 24 hours to basically get almost a million dollars more from his buyer. Luis has an assistant named Ronita. Ronita? Really? Luis starts leaving voicemails like a desperate psycho chick on a Friday night.  I can smell his desperation from here!

Then there’s a montage of Ryan walking all around Los Angeles.  It’s like a bad remake of “Pretty Woman.”  And who knew David Spade had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  Ryan mutters “stupid LA” 900 times.  You’ll never get Richard Gere with THAT attitude.

Fredrik’s assistant Jordan reminds me Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg.  Turns out Alice the big talker can’t get permission to buy anything over $5 million and the deal she just agreed to was $9.5M.  Ari gets pissy and Fredrik looks sad.  Fredrik realizes he was too excited and should have insisted the kitchen and bathrooms be renovated first before he listed it.

Ryan’s realty agency has opened their first Beverly Hills location. Marisa from last season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” pops up.  Again, CROSSOVER!  Ryan gives a motivational realtor speech that must have been so powerful it somehow made his girlfriend call him.  She gives a loving “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” She’s a peach!  The Asian hair bow mogul would have been sweeter!  Think Ryan, think!


Luis makes the impossible happen and gets a full price counter offer but Ian starts balking.  Intense music.  Head shaking.  But in the end, deal taken.  Luis’ half of the commission is $179,250.  Evidently this was the biggest deal of Luis’ career.  Ian says he was just testing Luis with the bad behavior and gives him more money $358,500.  Luis jumps up and down in excitement.  Holy cow Ian, I’ll walk your dog for that kind of money!

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  • RealitySuxx

    I watched this for the first time yesterday – I didn’t htink I would be interested..but it’s a hilarious show. I was watching a mini-marathon with the episode where the guy thought the place was haunted. Toooooo funny.

    I am just flabbergasted at the commissions these men make!

    • SouthTampaLily

      I know, right? Give me a piece of that paycheck!

    • Babson_Chick

      I love this show and love MDL LA even better. They are funny at times and work really hard to get the big bucks.

    • jean

      That’s because Ryan has no baaaaaalls and is the farthest thing from a real man.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Thanks, STL, for another excellent recap. I’m with you, Ryan needs to go back to the Asian bow lady. And her pig.

    • nan/4

      Mornin’ WCF. I agree except for one little thing. Skip the Asian bow lady…Ryan and the pig are a perfect match! I can’t STAND him! He makes my blood boil, not in a good way…

      Take care! 🙂

      • SouthTampaLily

        I have to say I had a little giggle watching Ryan chase after someone who is no longer interested in him – he’s so cocky that I didn’t think he’d try to patch it up.

      • jean

        lol I should have read your post before I said basically the same thing in mine.

        • nan/4

          Great minds and all that….LOL! Nice to meet you Jean. I hope you have a good evening. 🙂

          • jean

            Not really, Nan. Lol. Once again I was screaming at the tv at Ryan today for putting Fredrik on the spot with his past gay movie at the open house. Sure, maybe Fred deserved it for trying to steal Ryan’s client, but it only showed Ryan’s immaturity.
            I’m liking Fredrik more than Ryan, and that’s not really saying much.
            Ok, so I’m obsessed. Sorry for the rant. *smile

          • nan/4

            I am too, jean. Thursday’s and Friday’s it’s hard to get a smile out of me. Come Sunday, I’m happy again! lol For me reality tv is a form of therapy, you know? ITA with you about Ryan and Fredrick. I dislike Freddie a tiny bit less than I used to, but that’s not saying much. I’m rooting for Luis, though! I love the west coast version of the show too, and next up…..Miami! Cha-cha-cha! lol

            Btw. I scream at my television too, and occasionally throw a tissue box…..;-)

            It was a real pleasure chatting with you, jean.

            Take good care! 🙂

    • SouthTampaLily

      Thank you! I was on full “snark” when writing it! 😉

    • jean

      Ryan IS a pig, so since he’s messing up with his g/f, the pig can be his g/f!!!

  • Babson_Chick

    Great recap!! Luis and his hair crack me up and the Ricky Ricardo reference. Each guy has an interesting vibe and I don’t take them too seriously.

    • RealitySuxx

      I think that is why I liked it- definitely on my BRAVO rotation …. I think the entire thing is hilarious …. and the homes are just pure eye candy.

      • Babson_Chick

        Glad to hear you’ve found this show. Love seeing the homes in NY and LA so sure hope that Miami proves to be interesting. (believe I saw at least one female broker) Josh Flagg – LA is my fav and his relationship with his grandmother Edith who has a most interesting background.

        • RealitySuxx

          Me too – because RHOA was really the only thing I tuned into BRAVO for on a reg basis … but I’m going to play catch up with this series – I love it! I didn’t know they had a woman broker…that’s good, because I was wondering last night if the whole series was men….but I guess that’s fair, with all the housewives running around!! LOL

          • Babson_Chick

            Miami will be starting soon!! Yeah!! Am also looking forward to the Ladies of London.

          • RealitySuxx

            Ladies of London?? Is that a new show?

          • Babson_Chick

            Yes – it starts June 2, Mon at 10:00. MDL Miami starts June 25, Weds. at 9:00. Yeah some new shows.

    • SouthTampaLily

      thank you!

  • Bonita Gee

    Luis is SUCH as ass wipe to Ian…… Sheese.. Why he let him treat him that way?? He’s making money just fine before he me Ian..
    He doesn’t have to be Ian’s door mat!

    • Thank you! Luis is my least fav of all the brokers.

      • SouthTampaLily

        but he’s tiny with lacquered hair!

        • Ahahahaha!!! I love your creative mind! *muah*

      • jean

        Are you kidding me? Luis is the most ethical and least egotistical of the three! He may not be the top seller, but that’s not the point. He doesn’t step on anyone’s toes to get a sale.
        Ryan is a narcassistic, immature little boy who will step on any grandma to get a deal! He thinks he is god’s gift to women, when in reality he is a sad little creature that needs to act like a man and stop representing why women are lesbians instead of dealing with this jerk. He thinks his ‘charm’ and ‘good looks’ will get him a deal. All it will get him is an STD.
        And Fredrik gives Swedish men a BAD name! He is a little worm! What kind a realtor would even mention commission in front of a seller/contractor? How childish is that? He is overdramatic in everything he says, not to mention his damned facial expressions.

  • Raine Woman

    Hi STL! Great recap, as usual! I have to disagree with you on one tiny point…the bathrooms. They were bad. Really bad! So bad even Carmella Soprano wouldn’t want those bathrooms.

    It was touch-n-go with our Pocket Pal right up to the last second. That situation with Ian could have gone either way but I’m glad Luis prevailed. If it was me, that dry cleaning would have had itching powder all over it when I gave it back.

    I’m not buying Ryan’s relationship. It seems VERY scripted.

    • SouthTampaLily

      If you saw my bathrooms, you’d know why I thought those bathrooms were OK! hahahahhahaha! I’m glad Pocket Pal got some money – Ian looks really familiar to me – not sure if he was ever on #RHONY or something! Ryan’s relationship does feel VERY SCRIPTED – I never in a million years would have thought the woman he is dating was his type. I was really surprised!

  • GREAT recap STam!

    • SouthTampaLily

      Thank you!!!

  • jalabi

    “Luis has an assistant named Ronita. Ronita? Really?”

    Yes, really. Her full name is Ronita Kalra, and she is of east Indian descent. “Ronita” is a variant of the Sanskrit name “Ranita”, which comes from the name “Rani”, which means “queen”.