LeAnn Rimes Is Jealous Of Tori Spelling’s New Reality Show

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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie

Tori Spelling’s new reality show “True Tori” is raw and has gotten the attention of many viewers and critics. One viewer in particular, LeAnn Rimes is is not a happy camper about the Tori’s show. According to Star Magazine, the country singer and husband stealer is jealous of the attention Tori Spelling’s is receiving from the show.

Here’s the tea…a source tells Star that LeAnn feels the popularity of Tori’s show will steal the spotlight from her “scripted” reality show, “LeAnn and Eddie.” Is LeAnn that obtuse? Does she really think Tori’s new show (which is not great) would diminish her trainwreck of a show, when VH1 could only produce six episodes out of nine months of  footage? Those that saw the preview clip can attest to the painfully boring content. Tori’s show or anyone else’s reality won’t hurt the “LeAnn and Eddie” show anymore than the stars of the show have already.

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The source told Star“She believes her life will be a bore compared to Tori’s. LeAnn has always craved attention — even if it comes from the drama of a crisis-ridden life like Tori’s.” 

Reportedly, LeAnn has been stressing out and near nervous breakdown(s) over her Jazzabelle whoring image since stealing Brandi Glanville’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Her image went from down-home country girl to slut overnight. I hope a hot ride in the hay was worth it. Now that LeAnn has come down from her serotonin high, the realization of shame has reared it’s ugly head and the reality of Brandi’s pain is starting to register. The source dished:

“The timing really gets to her. LeAnn has been looking forward to doing this show for a long time, and all for one reason — she wants sympathy.”

Let me let you in on something LeAnn, while you and Tori share similarities, your show ain’t happening! The public has spoken and the show is a major flop. The majority won’t view you any different or be empathetic to your delicate sensibilities. Sleeping with a married man is wrong and what he did to his previous wife, he will do to you. Tori met and slept with Dean Mcdermott while he was married and while the public may be more compassionate to her because she has kids doesn’t mean it will work for you. 


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  • Bryan


    • Uh huh….the switch it again?

      • Bryan

        No its fine, Why is this fool jealous of that train wreck show, those two dean and tori are morons, this is what should happen to people who cheat on spouses, their lives should be full of misery, the only problem here is sadly there are some children caught in the middle

        • PREACH!!! They’re all suffering karma for their actions and crying about. I don’t have time for the foolishness. You’ve made your beds now lie in it. Case closed!

          • Bryan

            That’s right, that’s it, they have to live with it! and they and they alone are responsible for whatever misery they bring to their kids

          • Thank you!!!

  • WestCoastFeed

    Should I know or care who any of these people are?

    • LOL!!

      • WestCoastFeed

        Have you seen the Atlanta casting rumors floating about?

        • Yup

          • WestCoastFeed

            I suspect someone had a wee drop too many last night.

          • Just a tad or someone feeding her lies to make the hw’s scared.

        • TartLemon

          What? Tell!

          • WestCoastFeed

            Supposedly NeNe and Porsha return in “limited” capacity,

          • TartLemon

            I’m not surprised by either. NeNe has just played out; can’t even pretend to be interested in staying. Porsha is too all over the map; never really hit a stride.

          • WestCoastFeed

            I would have fired NeNe for the nasty crack she made at the reunion if I were Andy. But she and Kenya bring the drama for the show.

  • Michael

    Nothing to for her to worry about. Her marriage with Eddie will probably be in the same situation soon, if Eddie isn’t cheating already.

    • Hi Mike….I think they’re there already.

  • TartLemon

    What LeAnn did to her husband, she will do to Eddie. Some other woman’s husband will be a target.

    I don’t condone what Eddie did, but LeAnn was married, too.

  • She wants sympathy because she’s a con artist/sociopath. That’s how they roll.

  • Tigerlily

    Saw this posted by someone with the moniker ‘My two cents”. She stated it so well & so beautifully I had to share it! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Kudos to you My Two cents, Kudos!

    “If a husband cheats on you and leaves you (and your children) to marry a woman who keeps poking you with a sharp stick while she has your kids 50 percent of the time, I say that you get to be as angry as you want for as long as you want. I wish Brandi would reel in the crazy for the sake of her boys, but she gets to wallow in it when they are gone until she is ready to get over it no matter how long that might take. It doesn’t help that LeAnn keeps ripping off the band-aid. Brandy will be healed when it happens and not a second sooner. I am sure that LeAnn will be wanting to be afforded the same luxury of lasting anger, grief, and crazy when, (if?) Eddie cheats on, and leaves her.”

  • murlut

    Who would watch her anyway. I wouldn’t watch either show. I loath cheaters. Tori needs to dump the sleezy Dean and I am sure she will do fine