Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: ‘Fakes-giving, Fake Friends’ [Episode 3]

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The Donner dinner party (on crack) continues when Tamra notes that Shannon is not as fancy pants as Heather when it comes to socializing. She is stunned that Shannon cooked for them. Vicki asks Terry whether Heather cooks every night which apparently she does not and Vicki seems satisfied knowing she’s found yet another Heather “flaw.” Heather seems to hear Vicki and Terry’s conversation and does not look happy. Does she ever look happy? Smug and self-satisfied? Yes. Happy? No. Shannon is telling the Beador love story as Vicki keeps throwing out questions only to be admonished by Heather for not letting Shannon speak.

Now it’s Vicki’s turn to look unhappy. Earlier, David made a joke that no one laughed at, there was too much tension between the husband and wife. Heather notes, in the awkward silence, how much David and Terry are alike in loving their own bad jokes. That is the Heather I could love, not the woman who acts as if she met Tamra and Vicki at the Opera and now they like Bluegrass and eating Cheetos of the bag. Hell, they were always Cheetos out of the bag girls and Bluegrass is good music.


It is Heather’s turn to tell the Dubrow love story and Vicki and Tams talk over her and to one another. Everyone begins talking when the guests get up to take a look at the basketball court, including Terry. Vicki is woohoo-ing and shooting baskets. Tamra, who last week noted that the Dubrows didn’t have a coat check room, this week notes that they did not have a bball court either. Um, neither does Tamra and Eddie. Tamra and Shannon sneak off to the kitchen to do shots, not knowing that Heather has followed. Shannon gives Tamra an herbal “party smart” pill which allows the drinker to have a good “morning after.” Oh, you know where that’s going. Tamra makes a joke about not getting pregnant after using the pill.


Heather feels the need to correct Tamra and reminds her that she won’t get pregnant since she had her tubes tied. DAY-YUM. Harsh. I ignore them both while thinking about what the show would be like if someone gave Tams and Vicki “live smart” pills. Vicki walks in as Heather huffs and puffs, walking away from the debauchery.


We see Heather peering down at them as Tamra and Vicki talk about the stick up Heather’s ass. It works both ways, ladies, it is not like they met her standing around the clearance bin at a dollar store. Heather storms off to manland and hangs out with the husbands while the wives invade the hidden tea room. For whatever reason Heather decides to talk to Eddie about her earlier wombfire conversation with Tamra. In her TH Heather notes that Eddie does not want children. Tamra is being dishonest and she is the one who wants a child. She’s done her damage, makes her excuse to leave, and drags Terry home from his play date with the fellas. Eddie tells Tamra what Heather said. He wants her to stop sharing their business with her friends. Heather tells Terry that she would rather have one fabulous friend than a dozen pieces of sh*t. I am thankful she didn’t lose her cool at the dinner party. Terri gives a look he has probably given a dozen times before – where will he find new play friends? I wonder how many times Heather has been through something like this.


The boozing continues at Shannon and David’s when Vicki invites everyone to her house for pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Shannon puts David down again, Tams shows how to give an evil eye, and i keep hoping they will all get home safely.

Later, Tamra and Vicki get together to talk about the Beador marriage. Vicki says that she is starting to realize hoe Donn felt and wish they’d communicated more. Seeing clips of him makes me miss the early seasons. Tamra reveals that Shannon was still angry the next day. They hope the couple gets help when the conversation turns to the situation with Brianna and Brooks still not getting along. They have yet to be in the same room. Both women also note that they have not been in the same room with Heather since the party. Both note Heather’s tone is more than they can bear. Neither will confront her and admit they would lose in an argument with her – including a battle of wicked facial expressions.


Back at camp Beador, David is lowering the bargain priced $120k chandelier to change the bulbs. Shannon shocks me and calls David fun….before snarking at him about how loud and slow the chandelier is on the way back up. She says that she fights with him to feel loved and important. Someone missed badly when explaining to her the use of reverse psychology. I’m guessing he does not feel loved and important.

Vicki’s next heavy conversation is with Brianna – who feels that her mother is physically with her but is more worried about Brooks and why he is not at her side. Vicki claims she cut ties with him when Brianna reveals they went to dinner the night of the reunion!!!!! Vicki says it’s not true. She feels that her mother is covering for an abuser and Vicki loses her cool and yells that she would never do that. Troy begins crying during the conversation. Brianna refuses to be a part of the part of Vicki’s life that includes him, citing her health, pregnancy, and move. For what it is worth, I believe Brianna.


Pre-Thanksgiving (Friends-giving) comes and the dinner is lovely. Michael notices his mother’s jewelry and wonders whether she’ll leave it to him, Brianna or Brooks… eh, I’m kidding about the last part. The necklace is Vicki’s 88 carat divorce gift to herself. Tams notes in a TH that all she got was a box of bullshit. Tamra at least feels free at dinner and that she can be herself at dinner without Heather.


Oddly enough, the next scenes are of Heather and Tamra. Tams reaches out, saying that Heather is too close a friend to give up. Heather tells Tams about her trip to NY for the holiday before an awkward silence sets in. Then comes the discussion about Shannon’s party. I don’t know if I want to be around for this. Heather feels that she is constantly cut off or ignored. Tamra tells Heather that she comes across as a know it all. Heather, in a TH, says that no one knows even half of what she knows because she is always being cut off. HA! I can’t believe she actually has more to say. She talks all the damn time. I think she completely ignored the tone argument.


Neither woman wants to feel inhibited. Tamra thinks that Heather has taken things to an extreme. Heather thinks Tamra doesn’t get it. RHOC is all about the happy endings this season, so far. They make up and Tamra invites her to an ugly sweater party.

Next week’s episode, we meet the other new housewife and Brooks returns. It all looks intense. I can’t wait.


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  • SAMRA1116

    Vicki is still stuck up Crooksmark ass. Her boobs are bigger–not a good look
    Tamra trash at its finest–take care of the kids u have
    Heather can learn to have fun–she’s too uptight all the time
    New lady–she needs professional help–someone helo her verbally abuse husband–poor man can’t to crap right to her. That marriage will crumble.
    Eddie has changed—very quiet

    • Good morning Samra!

      Well said….I honestly think Brooks’ pee pee shoots out diamonds. Why on earth would Vicki go back to a loser that brings nothing but baggage to the table? Tamra grosses me out, she’s not even funny. Shannon and her hubby will be divorced soon. Sad to say but she’s very nasty to him and there’s no love between the two. It’s painful to watch her disrespect him.

      • SAMRA1116

        They are a sad pack of women this season.

        • I agree and this show is on it’s last leg.

          • Norrth

            It was good that they got rid of Gretchen and Slade, IMO, but I think Vicki should have gone, too. The storyline with Brooks is too creepy and sad. It was crushing to hear Brianna say that even when with her, her mother seems to be off thinking about Brooks and wishing he was there, too.

          • I’m over the moon they got rid of Gretchen and Slade. My problem with Brianna is she’s into Vicki’s bedroom too much! She acts like she’s in a place to talk. I have always felt Brianna’s hubby is abusive towards her like he was with his ex-wife (whom he was married to when he started dating Brianna). Ryan just recently was diagnosed with PTSD and is receiving therapy for it. Brooks may be a pos but Vicki is grown and can make her own mistakes. And no offense to anyone but for the love of God….Brianna needs to get herself a mirror and a gym! (I know that’s mean but I couldn’t resist) *evil grin*

    • Norrth

      I don’t think I will ever understand this relationship. I do believe Brianna that they went to dinner that night. I don’t see why Vicki would want the guy other than her constant declarations about empty love tanks and needing attention. I think it’s telling she called Donn a great husband in one scene (and herself a great wife) and then an abuser in another — unless her relationship with his wasn’t counted in the abusers column. It’s too weird.

      • SAMRA1116

        Vicki was in love with Crooksmark for 1-2 yrs before her divorce. This is the same woman, that couldn’t make date nite– once a week.
        Vicki is in love n she’s doing what she wants—even if she looks n sounds stupid.

  • Great recap Norrth!

    These shows are so scripted. At first all the drama was real – divorces, cheating, etc. Now it doesn’t even make sense because they’re fighting on cue. They have nothing to fight about anymore. Tamra’s new found “hate” for Heather is a perfect example.

    Shannon is very disrespectful to her husband….I have yet to see him treat her as poorly as she treats him. She looks extremely unhappy in life. And a true holistic and ‘green’ person would never own Escalade OR a microwave. What a fake!

    • Norrth

      I’m shocked David has stuck around this long. My gosh, maybe she’s playing it up for the cameras but Shannon is on his case day and night, it seems.

      • I’m shocked too. Some men grow accustomed to the dysfunction.

    • Primrose

      I agree with your thoughts. I bet Shannon’s husband feels henpecked. He probably as grown. To detest her. Heather could loosen up a bit. I’ve only watched portions here and there so I may be off on my observations. Btw Dr. Seus, u are very nice.

      • Hi Primrose! *waving*

        Thank you for your kind words and right back at ya! 🙂

        You’re observations are spot on. I think David sticks around to avoid a messy and expensive divorce. Might be cheaper to keep her in this situation. All of them herbs and natural supplements messed Shannon’s head up. And you’re right about Heather, she’s very stuffy and pretentious. Last season she treated her hubby like garbage. I had second hand embarrassment for Heather’s sweet hubby.

        I was feeling a little down. Thank you for lifting my spirits! 🙂

        • Primrose

          Glad I helped to lift your spirits. You treat the posters with kindness and you seems so upbeat. Have a great evening/night.

          • awww…..thank you, Prim! xoxo

          • Primrose


      • Norrth

        I doubt Heather is trying to not offend Terry’s customers. Heck, he is more offensive than she is!

        • Primrose

          I have no idea one way or the other. I don’t watch the show enough. Someone else may have made that comment you’re responding to. I only commented that Heather seem a little uptight.

    • Norrth

      When I see some of the first season or two, I really miss the original crew – minus Slade. He was unlikable to me even then. I keep hoping there is more to their story. I can’t believe how she treats that guy.

  • Dani-K

    I do not understand what Vicki sees in Brooks. A man that causes this much turmoil in the family is not worth it. Find somebody else Vicky. I like Shannon by herself, but in scenes with her husband, I don’t like her at all. All in all, this episode was boring. I could stop watching it all together and just read these recaps.

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