Million Dollar Listing NY Recap: ‘Reach High’ [Episode 4]

Posted on Apr 24 2014 - 9:16am by SouthTampaLily


In the last episode of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” Luis is winning points at his “Storybook Open House” which may lead to additional exclusive listings.  Then Ryan appears!  He beelines for the matriarch of the family that develops property all over the city. Ryan goes for a low blow right away by intimating that Luis called the Matriarch unattractive. Luis tries to spar back, but Ryan bats him down.  The Matriarch spills the beans on Luis’ contest – that he gets an exclusive listing if he can sell the $7 million property for $7.8 million.  Ryan poo poos Luis’ chances in front of the Matriarch.


Luis said that every fairy tale needs an ogre and he regrets inviting Ryan to the brokers’ open house. Ryan makes fun of Luis’ accent.  Luis threatens to break Ryan’s teeth and throws Ryan’s pocket square on the floor.  Evidently you don’t mess with a guy’s pocket square, because Ryan then tries to shove the pocket square in Luis’ mouth.  Luis has security escort Ryan out instead of resorting to physical violence.

Two older men in tuxedos jump in the pool. What is it about “Million Dollar Listing New York” and men jumping in pools with their clothes on?

Fredrik’s next listing is new construction in Tribeca. He puts on a hard hat and starts banging his head against the wall in excitement.  Is that a Swedish thing?

Fredrik is giddy when he has the opportunity to make a $5.4 million commission if he can sell out the entire Tribeca building.  But then the other shoe drops when Fredrik is told he has to sell the overpriced $10 million units before they are fully built. Fredrik has confidence and he does another one of his weird toe pointing, crane dances.


Ryan meanwhile is still trying to sell the Emotional Seller’s $6.5 million completely overpriced penthouse.  He needs to sell it before the Emotional Seller changes her mind. Ryan has put out his own money advertising the unit.  He knows the Emotional Seller will not lower the price, so what can he do?

Luis meanwhile is moving into his permanent office at the same company as Fredrik. Luis tells Fredrik that Ryan was at his Storybook Open House. Fredrik presses to hear the dirty details. Luis is reticent to share because he still doesn’t consider Fredrik a friend, but he acquiesces and coughs up the details.


Fredrik smiles because he explains that he thought Ryan was after him because Fredrik is a top broker, but picking on Luis is like “how low can you go?” Luis does not appreciate the condescension nor does he want to team up with Fredrik to go to war with Ryan.  Smart move, Luis.  Focus on your bottom line versus destroying your reputation in a business battle. Ryan is not worth it!

Ryan, looking deceivingly angelic in a fur lined hooded jacket, meets with the Emotional Seller to push for a lower price.  Mrs. Emotion said the prospective buyer was not the right buyer, it has nothing to do with the price.  Oh honey, wake up and let it go!  There is no room for emotion in real estate!  Emotional Seller will not budge one cent from her original asking price.

The Tribeca developer purchased a $100,000 model of the $180 million dollar Tribeca new construction. Fredrik looks at the model and cannot figure out how it could possibly cost $100,000.  My friend’s kids could have made a better model.

Luis meets with the developer Matriarch with a $7.1 million offer.  The Matriarch reminds Luis that he promised $7.8 million and now he needs to deliver because his reputation is at stake.

Fredrik throws a party to show off the new construction model in the Developer’s home. Fredrik invites 165 people and they act like teenagers in someone’s parents’ home.  The Developer becomes increasingly annoyed.

Ryan after strenuous negotiating gets a $6 million dollar deal for his Emotional Seller, but she folds. She no longer wants to sell the unit. This is why I could never be a broker.  The money Ryan spent on advertising just went down the toilet.


Luis is practicing boxing to burn off his stress from the meeting with the Matriarch.  Hello little shorts! Luis goes into overdrive showing buyers the overpriced property.  He shot himself in the foot promising he could get $800k more than market price.

Fredrik’s team gets together to help him sell the $180 million building’s units. Who knew Fredrik had an army of people under him? Montage of brokers on cell phones. Fredrik sells the first unit and says that the brokers cannot eat unless they sell some units. The sales and the pizza keep coming.  9 of the 19 units are sold within 4 days.  More pizza, more phone calls … $100 million of sales in 2 weeks from Fredrik and his team!

Ryan and his new girlfriend Emilia are taking a couples cooking class. Ryan is late and Emilia is not amused. Ryan leaves during the middle of the cooking class to answer a work call. Emilia has to make chicken corn chowder alone. She makes pissy faces as she cuts potatoes. When Ryan returns from his call, Emilia is giving him the silent treatment. How mature! He gets another business call.  They both look miserable.  If you can’t have fun making biscuits and chowder, maybe you should re-evaluate your relationship!

Luis tells the Matriarch he has no buyers for $7.8 million. She schools him on his over-priced over-promise, cancels the deal and says she is very disappointed in Luis.  Poor thing looks like he is going to cry.  There’s a lesson for the kiddies- make promises with your head, not your ego.


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  • TartLemon

    I never cared for Ryan. Didn’t like Michael in that first season, either. Fredrik, Luis are enjoyable to watch.

    • Morning Tart! When did Ryan become such a pompous ass? I liked him last season and could not stand Fredrick, now it’s the other way around. Luis is like a pesky chihuahua, he irks me since his shady deal last season with the Photoshop pics of the apartment.

      • Raine Woman

        Good morning, Doc! I think we may have been accidentally separated at birth because I’m with you 100% on Ryan and Freddy. Loved Ryan last year, now I want to slap him. Freddy I loathed but now I’m seeing a different side to him.
        Hope you have a good one, Doc!

        • Good morning Rw! *waving*

          Seriously, it’s amazing how we see eye-to-eye on so many topics. You have a terrific day, make today the best sis. ♥

      • TartLemon

        Ryan was a ass last season, too. He went out of his way to try and sabotage several of Fredrik’s high end open houses.

        • Oh yeah..I forgot about that.

        • SouthTampaLily

          I started watching last season and definitely thought Ryan was an ass last season as well as this season, but last year they softened him with the Asian Bow Room woman & the pot belly piglet (my favorite episodes!). It was like you could see (or hope) there was possibly a redeeming side to him. But this season not only is Ryan an ass but he has a girlfriend who doesn’t seem too amused by him. I will say though that when you date a good broker or a good businessperson/doctor/etc. you have to accept that they will be answering calls all the time. Brokers are not guaranteed a steady paycheck – they have to work it as much as possible– so people dating them have to accept this and not freak out if they answer a call. But anyway showing Ryan as an ass to the other brokers and making him appear like an ass to his girlfriend, I think Ryan won’t be winning any fans this season.

  • Raine Woman

    Hi STL! I’ve been waiting for this. Great recap. I almost felt bed for your Pocket Pal when he lost the listing. I still find him exhausting but you have to admire his drive and ambition!

    • SouthTampaLily

      Didn’t he look like a wee little kid in last night’s episode? When he was boxing I was like “awww he looks like he’s 12!” And when Pocket Pal was getting schooled by the Matriarch he looked like he was 8. I think he learned a big lesson at a young age – don’t over-promise, don’t over-deliver. I try to drive this into the millenials I work with — but they don’t listen! 😉

      • Raine Woman

        Oh, he did, like a little kid playing dress-up. The Matriarch moment is when it got me. He did big learn a big lesson but as a businesswoman myself, I would have honored the 6-month contract because that’s also an important lesson for him. It’s not like the one offer he brought her was obscenely low. After that lecture he got, I bet he would have found a 7.8 buyer within those two months.

  • TartLemon

    Last season, Fredrik had meeting to represent a property for Donald Trump. What happened with that?

    • SouthTampaLily

      I haven’t seen any new news on it since August 2013- guess he did the deal and moved on. Don’t think it fell through.

      • GREAT JOB on the recap! 🙂

        • SouthTampaLily

          Thank you!

  • WestCoastFeed

    Terrific recap. STL. Thank you. I’m giving Ryan another episode before I completely turn against him. He was aware that 500,000 baby footsteps ruined any hope of sealing that deal. I give him props for perception.

    • SouthTampaLily

      Thank you! I felt sorry for Ryan losing the emotional seller deal, but if I were him I probably wouldn’t have taken on the crying Mom as a client!


  • ZammyB

    Love this recap too! You’re really good at this!

    Gotta say that Ryan is racist and his behavior SHOULD NOT be allowed on the show!
    He is always making fun of their accents! Who does that and thinks its normal?!

    I love Luis but he’s thinking too much always. He’s trying to one up the system but he needs to focus being good at the craft first. His ideas, his parties, always seem so over the top it focuses people away from the actual property. He needs to build more and even though his willingness and eagerness are good, he’s way over the top. I mean he’s got a great heart, he just needs more guidance I think. 🙂

  • Norrth

    Oh my goodness! Fredrik use to drive me crazy and now he’s my favorite. Ryan is pretty, but only on the outside. He’s just creepy.