Blind Item: Shocking Coke Buddies

Posted on Apr 18 2014 - 9:06am by Editor


It is fairly common for young people in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles to do coke. However, you would never figure these two young female celebs as coke buddies!

This particular incident occurred in September within the past couple of years at the Chateau Marmont. No cameras allowed and plenty of bodyguards around. It was just the two girls, sitting together at a private table, doing lines for about a half an hour, happy and giggly and carefree.

Perhaps it was just a one-time thing. Perhaps not. One of them has since moved to New York to be with her actor beau, so the two of them don’t really hang out together as much as they used to.

Who are they? Celeb 1 is a funny actress who now only works in films. Celeb 2 is a taller female singer with a goody goody reputation. Yes, it’s shocking.









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  • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

    No idea.

  • SouthTampaLily

    When I would go to the Bar Marmont at the Chateau Marmont, my drug of choice was their homemade pineapple-infused vodka on the rocks. Who knew there was a big old coke room where I could have been rolling in powder?

    • Oh Snap! Bitch, you is so REAL. ♥

      • SouthTampaLily

        “REAL-ly intoxicated”? No… not yet. 😉

        • Gurl…It’s 5:00 pm somewhere…CHEERS!

    • Soncie22

      Bwahahaa!! I can’t with you..

      • SouthTampaLily

        ROFL – puh-lease, you know you’d be pouring cocktails for me and leading the way!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Rolling in the Deep hunty!

  • Taylor Swift is the goody-too-shoes!

    • SouthTampaLily

      awww I hope she isn’t – I’d like to see more young celebrities not shipwreck themselves on the rocks of addiction and entitlement. #CanIGetAFairyTaleHappyEnding

      • #CanIGetAFairyTaleHappyEnding <— In Hollyweird that's a pipe dream. Sad but true 🙁

        I've heard rumors about Miss Good-2-Shoes and she's not all she's cracked up to be. Sadly 🙁

        • SouthTampaLily

          If I had a revolving door love life as high-profile as hers, I’d probably be searching for a needle for my arm. Heavy, heavy judgmental spotlight on that thin, thin girl. (Don’t get me wrong, I’d jump up for that spotlight in exchange for the money too though!)

          • Ain’t that the truth. It can’t be easy having access to millions and fine men. But you’re right there is a dark down side to the lifestyle.

      • Soncie22

        I second that!!

  • RonnieIsBack

    oooh wee..gotta be Taylor Swift and …who moved to NY to be with their boo…not Selena (she likes the liquor) is it the girl from High School Musical? Oh wait…Linds….she just moved to NY and she lovessss the CM…yep Linds and Tay Tay…wow!

    • uh huh!!!!

      • RonnieIsBack

        ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner!!!! hehhehe

        • bwahahaha !!!! I like that one.

  • Babson_Chick

    Not sure who the “powder” girls are but I’d sure like to hang out at the hotel bar!! Cheers!!

  • Marsbars09

    Hi Doc! I think I know who you’re talking about but I’m afraid to post who the ladies might be.

    • Hi Marsie! Happy God Friday!!

      Why?…Go ahead and put (imo) and allegedly.

  • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

    As an aside, OT…when I first started reading comment boards, I was trounced upon by the user Soncie22.
    It was the first time I had the opportunity to be called names, have my intelligence challenged, be denigrated by attacking terms, and basically be shocked by the degree of degradation a poster would go to when asked a question that was said with consideration and truth.
    Needless to say, to see Soncie22 posting here, isn’t a pleasurable experience.
    I really hope that Soncie is a better person and less rude and attacking now. But time will only tell.

  • Bryan

    Aniston and Swift

    • Good picks…had them in mind too. But Aniston is suppose to be pregnant.

      • Bryan

        She is suppose to be many things but usually she ends up being nothing LOL

        • Preach…that’s always the case with her!

          Happy Good Friday! 🙂

          • Bryan

            Same to you!!!

        • Babson_Chick

          I agree and always thought that Brad probably got bored with her.

  • TartLemon

    I say Taylor Swift for the goody two shoes singer. Already thin, she’s wasting away still. Kind of obvious. But, you know what? I never cared for her anyway. Heard one of her songs, heard them all. The constant in every single one of her failed relationships is HER!