Kandi Burruss Was Not Horrified By Fantasia’s Ghetto Speech…She Loved it!

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kandi-burruss-fantasia-christal_rock[Photo: Twitter]

The tabloids have reported that Kandi Burruss was humiliated by Fantasia’s profanity riddled toast at her wedding reception.

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker tied the knot on April 4th. Kandi’s bridesmaids were her closest friends. Tamera Wynn, Carmon Cambrice, Tiny (TI & Tiny Show), Fantasia Barrino (R & B Singer), Phaedra Parks (RHOA), Joyce Dallas and Rasheeda Frost (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta).

Fantasia took the mic at the reception, and said “Kandi is the realest bitch….my motherfucking friend.” She also went on about Kandi’s big booty. Classy!

According to reports, Kandi and her guests were shocked by Fantasia’s obscene speech. And Kandi quickly ended her friendship with Fantasia. The claim was, Kandi felt like Fantasia ruined her special day. However contrary to those reports, Kandi loved every “F” bomb that was released that night.

Kandi’s rep told TMZ, she’s was not horrified in the least and that Kandi laughed her big ass off at Fantasia’s speech … and the two had a blast at the wedding.

Kandi and Fantasia are good friends that share a lot in common. Two ghetto birds of a feather…two ghetto peas in a pod. Watch the two close friends shake their booties  dance in the following video:





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  • twifan2

    I actually wonder what mama Joyce thought of Fantasia’s speech. 🙂
    Hope everyone had a great time, NO matter what!

    • Mama Joyce is so full of it. Remember how she recated to Ri–DICK—ilous! But then took of her shoe to attack Carmon….LOL!

      • RonnieIsBack

        Hey Doc!!! I forgot when she was digusted about him. LOLOL that was some funny chit..she knew Kandi was a freak…and Phae Phae too.

  • RealitySuxx

    I’m not surprised – that’s how they roll … and everyone was probably drunk as skunks. I’m sure BRAVO had to edit the hell out of it though..ROFLMAO

    One thing that is eye opening for me are the reactions and stories form some of Kandi’s associates…I am reading lots of shade and jealousy between the lines…and I’m sure she is taking note.

    Kandi has some big things coming…and I will be lovin’ to see who she leaves in the dirt…and Fantasia won’t be one of them.

    • That’s exactly how they roll! And it’s all good. I have no judgements and like them both.

      “One thing that is eye opening for me are the reactions and stories form some of Kandi’s associates”<—say what now?? Hit me up on dm

  • RonnieIsBack

    Yall know Kandi’s ghetto azz loved that chit…she was probably fist pumping until Todd gave her that look like “R U Serious?’ Hell Mama Joyce curses way more than Fanny. LOL..
    Fanny was drunk as hell and also probably a little bit sad because she now has two kids by two different baby daddies and no ring.
    Always a BRYmaid..never a bride…
    And who in the hell invites Mufasa and Simba to greet folks at the door? Tacky chit.live lions…Kuntry is as Kuntry Does…
    You know they were all barefoot by the end of the evening dancing and trying to out shout each other on the mike singing I Know I’ve Changed….and Momma May Have..Poppa May Have…but Gawd Blesssssed the Chileeeeeeeee……
    then Khandi had Popeye’s and Pizza Hut delivered for a midnight snack because her azz can eat.