The Walking Dead Recap: ‘Us’ [Episode 16]

Posted on Mar 24 2014 - 4:40pm by Norrth Cafe

The Walking Dead[Photo: AMC]

The writers have packed more action into the last several episodes that in any two prior episodes, it seems. FINALLY! We’re back to Glenn, Tara, Rosita, Eugene and Abraham. As everyone sleeps, Tara and Abraham chat. He has noticed Tara’s attraction to Rosita and lightheartedly teases her about it. Abraham also realizes that Tara is hiding something. She seems to want to tell him, but thinks better of it.

The next morning as the group moves on Glenn finally sees the message left by Maggie, Sasha, and Bob – to go to Terminus. He tears off, full speed, down the tracks leaving the group to catch up. The same morning also brings us Daryl’s sleeping group and a fast approaching walker. Luckily the camp is protected by barbed wire and Joe dispatches the walker. We learn that Daryl is out hunting for food. While hunting, an arrow whizzes past him, killing the rabbit he had in his sights. Sleazebag Len, the culprit, claims the rabbit, as is “the rule”. When Daryl refuses to adhere to the rule, Len begins taunting Daryl that his head must be messed up by some “bitch”– grossly joking that she was probably “one of the little ones”. Joe saves (Daryl or Len? It’s not clear) by breaking up the near-fight, cutting the rabbit in half and explaining “the rules”, again – you claim it, you own it.

Len and Daryl 3_Us[Photo: AMC]

That same morning we see Michionne and Carl, balancing on the rail tracks as they continue toward Terminus. Carl wins the bet as to who can stay on the tracks longer, winning a candy bar. He opts to share it with Michionne because they share everything. Rick smiles. I love Carl, the real boy, again.

The Mullet crew slows down hope to stop and rest when a walker falls from a bridge above (breaking open like a piñata). Abraham hurts Tara when he pushes her aside to save Eugene as it falls. Rosita, who I’d written off as a Lara Croft wannabe, says something that needed saying. Glenn is an ASS. He wants to move forward no matter what. He knows Tara will go with him, out of guilt, and he isn’t all that concerned about putting her at risk. The group continues on when Glenn trades his riot gear, to be given to Eugene for movement forward.

Cut back to Daryl and it’s clear that he knows that he doesn’t want to stay with Joe’s group. He reminds Joe that there is no “us” as he’s not part of their group. Joe, who loves cats, tells Daryl that there’s nothing sadder than an outdoor cat who thinks he’s an indoor cat and that unless Daryl is planning to move on right then, there is an “us”. Creepy. They secure themselves in a warehouse near the tracks. Joe feels like the new “Governor” and his group feels like Meryl’s kind of people. If “Still” was a tribute to Hershel and “The Grove” a tribute to Sophia; “Us” feels like a tribute to Meryl.

Daryl Joe Len _ Us[Photo: AMC]

Glenn and his group approach a dark tunnel. He wants to work his way through, despite the fact that they can hear the walkers inside. Tara, limping on her bad leg, volunteers to go with Glenn rather than walk around the tunnel and spend the extra time getting there safely. Abraham gives them supplies, including a flashlight. Rosita hugs them and wishes them luck. Eugene lets Tara know that despite the fact that she’s attracted to girls, he finds her to be seriously hot. I’m guessing this guy was a barfly before the apocalypse. In the tunnel, Tara talks more about that day in the prison, when she agreed to follow ‘Brian”. Glenn looks horrified. I don’t think he wants to hear any more about that day.

Daryl’s group is claiming sleeping quarters as Glen and Tara confront a group of walkers who are trapped beneath fallen rock from a recent collapse in the tunnel. They systematically kill off those within their reach as they try to make their way to the other side, only to find a mobile herd waiting there for them. Oh yes, Glenn decides to push through. Shocker!

Abraham clears several cars and a mini-van, while Rosita guards Eugene – whose earlier discussions about gaming with Tara makes me think that he is in role-playing mode even now especially wearing Daryl’s riot gear. He bleats on about need to navigate their journey- that he would be offended as “a son of the South” to allow her navigate. I’m telling, this guy was not only a barfly, but one living in his momma’s basement. How is it possible that no one has noticed his 6th grade vocabulary? Where is Milton when you need him?

Abraham and Tara 4 _Us[Photo: AMC]

Back in the tunnel, Glenn distracts the walkers and sends them to the other side while he and Tara try to slip by. It’s just too easy, so it’s no surprise when Tara is trapped on a rock pile. Eugene has his group driving in circles, claiming to have calculated the time until Glenn and Tara would be able to join them at the other end of the tunnel. Looking in that direction, he shouts about some sight the audience has not yet seen.

Tara Trapped_ Us[Photo: AMC]

In the warehouse, Daryl and Len are at odds when Len accuses Daryl of stealing his half of the rabbit. Len wants Joe to teach Daryl a lesson but the tables are turned when Joe reveals that he saw Len plant he rabbit when Daryl went outside. On Joe’s orders, his men begin to mercilessly beat Len. Daryl should run. NOW! Joe praises Daryl for his honesty.

In the tunnel, Tara tries to tell Glenn to leave and go find Maggie. She begins screaming for him to go, attracting the attention of the walkers. Instead of leaving, Glenn fires until he’s out of bullets and just as he’s about to begin fighting, a small army: Maggie, Sasha, Bob and the Mullet crew show up, emptying clips into the herd. Glenn and Maggie reunite!!!

Small Army_Us[Photo: AMC]

Glenn introduces Tara and Maggie, hiding Tara’s role in the prison fight. Eugene finally says something smart. They can’t make it to D.C. in the “grocery grabber” mini-van and there may be safer vehicles at Terminus. The entire group decides to find Terminus (Sasha to search for Tyrese). Maggie burns the picture Glenn kept of her telling him he’ll never need it, he has her.

Maggie and Glenn Reunited 2 _Us[Photo: AMC]

At the warehouse, almost remorseful about Len’s death, Daryl considers covering the body but tosses the cloth away. F-U, Len. Joe and his crew are also headed to Terminus. Joe doesn’t think that the sanctuary is for people like them and reveals that they are on the way to find the “walking piece of fecal matter” who killed their friend and left him to turn and attack them at a house they were searching (RICK!). They followed the mystery man’s track to the railroad and those signs.

Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Maggie, Glenn, and Tara find Terminus. It’s a seemingly deserted warehouse next to the rail tracks. The gates are easy to open. Is there still a sanctuary? There are gardens, work benches, potted plants and a smiling woman named Mary, who is cooking and warmly welcomes them when she turns around to see them standing there.


Terminus_Us[Photo: AMC]

Getting in was too easy. How is this place safe? I guess we’ll find out when the finale airs, next week. I’ll see you then!

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  • Dr Seuss

    Great Recap Norrth! Last night’s episode had me at the edge of my seat and saying awww at some moments. Finally something good happened, Maggie and Glen reunited. I’m happy for them but I can’t help but feel sorry for Tara. She looked happy but a little disappointed. Now Glenn no longer needs her.

    • Norrth

      I’m afraid of what will happen when Maggie finds out who Tara is! Tyrese forgave Carol, but he hadn’t known Carol or Karen for that long. Hershel was beloved by all and Maggie’s dad. Too much!

      • Bravolicious

        Hershel was certainly beloved by all. I was thinking about it last night. Even if the Governor hadn’t killed Hershel he wouldn’t have survived the aftermath of the prison breach. Tara better hope Maggie doesn’t find out. Tara will be no match for Maggie

      • Dr Seuss

        Oh yeah…I forgot about that. Maybe that’s why she looks so down in the blues…damn!

  • Bravolicious

    I gasped out loud when Glen and Maggie reunited. I thought it was the Mullet crew. Such a loving moment! I’m terrified of Terminus AND of Mary. Something is not right here.

    • Norrth

      Nothing is ever right no matter where they go. ;((( I hope that’s not the case here. It feels like most people have been driven mad by the spread of this virus and the walkers. I can’t wait for Daryl to reunite with the group. It feels like he has his own “governor” and is now in Meryl’s shoes.

      • Bravolicious

        yes cannot wait for Daryl to get back home where he belongs with the crew. Those guys aren’t good enough to shine his boots!

    • cutie pie

      I it better than that town with the governor…or far worse…

      also dying to know what the scientist saw on the tracks…

  • cutie pie

    love the walking dead and my curiosity is certainly peaked by terminus..what will it be like?…shades of the governor keep popping into my head…

    also happy the show finally picked up…I almost gave up watching after the two episodes just prior that bored me to tears.

    • Bravolicious

      last week episode was boring to you? I thought it was one of the more powerful episodes

    • Dr Seuss

      Terminus and Mary remind me so much of the Governor and his creepy town. I’m actually very afraid of it for the crew.

      • cutie pie

        me too..if it’s a nirvana..they’re set…since it’s not the last season…I’m sensing some weird shit is going on there.

        • Dr Seuss

          Very weird!

          Quite frankly, they seemed safer in the wild with the walkers. At least there they know who the enemy is and what to expect. That Mary lady looked like a trained robot….a step-ford wife. Bitch is cray!

          • cutie pie

            very stepford…and to stand with her back to newly approaching people….when they could be a group that believes in “claim” and kill..very weird.

        • Norrth

          Especially since those gates weren’t locked or secure. Why not? Were there lookouts the survivors couldn’t see? Why was Mary out there on her own?

          • cutie pie

            all very good questions…

  • Bernice

    It’s about to get mind blowing crazzzy! No, Terminus is not what they want, faster worst than Woodbury!
    I read lots of spoilers that gives heads up cause my nerves are baaaad when watching horror or suspense movies. Won’t spoil things for others, but either OMG to what’s coming ahead!

    One thing none of the spoilers hv answered though is, that Eugene! By now anybody should know he ain’t right. I for some reason think he’s connected to Terminus. Fact that he has been talking to someone on radio (he claims is in Washington) and fact Bob says his old group used to hear on radio Terminus always inviting ppl to come. Just doubt it’s a coincidence!

    • Bernice

      Auto correct drives me crazy. Sorry for errs!!

    • Norrth

      I’m torn between wanting spoilers and just watching as it happens. I stopped reading TWD graphic novel wiki after Woodbury and only skimmed them about what was probably Terminus in the graphic novel. It keeps me in suspense, but geez, it’s hard to avoid reading. I’m satisfied knowing that something crazy is coming (although the survivors have earned some peace. I’m starting to miss the farm).