Carlton Gebbia Blames Alcohol For Her Black Out And Calls Out Kyle Richards On Twitter

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 2:43pm by Avigail

Carlton Gebbia

Yesterday we reported, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Carlton Gebbia, passed out at dinner, Wednesday night and had to be rushed to a hospital by ambulance. Well since then, Carlton has been home recovering and tweeting. Carlton admitted to alcohol being the culprit for her black out. Carlton tweeted:

“Sorry!Apparently I don’t have the Irish wooden leg! All is well Thk u❤️Cant handle 6shots of tequila.Wen did I become such a lightweight?”

Carlton has taken to her Twitter to thank everyone for their well wishes and never short for words, she also checks a bitch! Namely, Kyle Richards. Carlton is not holding back and makes it known (on Twitter) she thinks Kyle’s well wishes were not sincere and for publicity. Check out the tweets below:

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  • Happywife

    Carlton needs to let this feud with Kyle go. I’m sure Kyle didn’t have any bad intentions with her well wishes. Carlton must still be drunk.

  • SAMRA1116

    Bye Carlton, take Brandi with you. Kyle could care less than a crap about anyone, but her kids n Maureco the greasy ass rat. Kyle don’t care about Kim….

  • Norrth

    Irish Wooden leg? Lovely.

  • murlut

    I could handle Carlton if she keeps slamming Kyle and Kim. She doesn’t sound like she is impressed with Brandi lately.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    Glad you are o.k. Carlton!! I’m Irish, but I don’t drink. Most Irish shouldn’t, truth be told!!!!

  • RonnieIsBack

    Love it…the reunion is gonna be sooo juicy…

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