Does Andy Cohen HateTeresa Giudice?

Posted on Mar 4 2014 - 3:20pm by Nancy


Teresa Giudice

Many fans have asked, “Does Andy Cohen hate Teresa?” In the latest episode of Ask Andy, the WWHL host flat out denies that he has any hatred/riff with the newly convicted felon, Teresa Giudice. Andy went on to state,  he’s been supportive of all her professional and creative endeavors outside of the show.

As the host of every RHONJ reunion, Andy Cohen has had to referee some outlandish cat fights, specifically those between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.

“There’s so many people out there that think I’m anti-Teresa because people think I’m too tough to her on reunion shows,” he explains to his assistant Daryn Carp. “But people don’t realize I was instrumental in getting her to do Celebrity Apprentice. I really wanted her to do the show, and they really wanted her, and she really had to be convinced. She was like, ‘I don’t get it. I don’t think it’s my thing. “I thought it would be great for her, for the Housewives, for everything, and that she wouldn’t regret it.”


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  • twifan2

    How can he hate his ‘cash cow’?!

    • nan/4

      Hi Twi. Hope you’ve been well and I totally agree with you.

      Take care. 😉

      • twifan2

        NAN! NAN! Hi Hi!!! 🙂
        Glad to see you! Long time no see. 🙁
        Hope you & yours are all GREAT!!! 🙂
        I’m doing good-knock wood. 😉
        How’s you doing? How’s life treating you?
        Come back & ‘visit’ here more often! 🙂

    • Marsbars09

      Twi, it’s very possible to hate someone you work with, hence Tre being Andy’s cash cow.

      • Teresa is Siren Media Cash Cow. Andy is not an executive with Bravo. Andy only paycheck comes from being a talk show host and producer of #wwhl. In 2 year Andy and Bravo relationship is OVER.

        • Marsbars09

          Thanks for the info. Dox.

  • nan/4

    You know, it never even crossed my mind if he hates her or not. I’m too busy thinking what an awful human being she (and her husband) is. I think that Mr. Cohen has every right to watch her very carefully at reunions. When she was bowing down over the table (the year she wore green) I thought for sure there was going to be some flipping action! :-0

    • Dr Seuss

      Exactly!! She’s volatile and needs to be monitored and it’s obvious he hates her. Who doesn’t?

      • hardtimz

        I don’t know Doc I don’t he cares enough about her to hate. Does he need to be very concerned about her shady business dealings, yes… absolutely!

        • Dr Seuss

          Hey Hard! The reason why I think he does hate her is because, Tre named Bravo in her fraud case by saying Bravo producers told her to use cash and she was just acting for the cameras. That created a firestorm with Bravo and their legal dept, which may be a direct connection to Andy’s demotion (firing).

          • hardtimz

            Hey Doc
            I didn’t know Teresa threw or tried to throw he and his production up the bus. But she could have still said no, but she’s like the rest the reality famed people that are money and fame starved…and will do anything to get it! Okay Doc good work…keeping me straight!

          • Dr Seuss

            Hey Hard!!!!! Exactly. She wants to blame Bravo for her antics on the show but she signed on the dotted line to do it and got paid handsomely as well. Bravo did hold a gun to her head.

            Hope you’re having a good evening! 🙂

          • hardtimz

            And know something Doc, I’m not really certain she’s getting the full scope of what’s going on here, and how very serious this is. I’m not saying she’s out of it or stupid, but I do not believe for one second that she really get it. Almost like she think she’ll be able to plead guilty, and return to business as usual. Do you believe that she make any real changes in her real life…I don’t?!?! But if she’s granted anymore opportunities to remain on reality shows, she know enough that she has to bring some or quite a bit of drama or else people will not watch. This going to be very interesting to watch this all play out. Boy this story was all the talk at work today. But what’s funny these were some REAL FANS, but now they all want she and Joe sent up the river. I know those two have four children, but they knew they had those children while doing wrong and they continued doing so until they were caught. I really believe they’d still be doing wrong right now. I don’t feel bad for anyone. I think I’ll be angry if Teresa’s granted house arrest. Joe I don’t see him getting a light sentence because he’s been jammed up with other stuff. How’s your night going?

          • Dr Seuss

            PREACH!!! I aree with all of this. My night is going well. I just watched Flipping Out. I like Jeff and his crew of misfits.

  • hardtimz

    I don’t really see a reason that Andy would waste energy and time hating someone that’s probably nothing more to him than a business transaction. All cast members are replaceable plenty of former cast members can attest to that…nah this is a non story.

  • Marsbars09

    Ya’ll know damn well Andy don’t like Tre nor her husband. Like Doc said, Andy can be seen giving Tre the side eye when she answers some of his questions.

    • Dr Seuss

      yes indeed…she smirks every time she opens her mouth.

    • any who thinks Andy does not “hate” teresa……i need to talk to u….notice Andy never says i like Teresa…he just says i dont hate her….

  • Agstisme

    I think that Andy has a genuine dislike for women in general. He seems to enjoy watching women falter. IMO something happened in his childhood that was caused by a woman/women close to him. Maybe his own Mother, when she realized he was a “less than perfect son”. IDK

    • Andy’s book has Andy and his mom exchanging daily letters about all my children soap opera while Andy is at summer camp. Andy life evolved around tv soap operas. Andy was very close to his family and his family thought Andy was overly annoying because Andy would not stop talking EVER.

  • Regina Livelaughlove Hereford

    I think Andy doesn’t like Joe G. (Juicy Joe) because of the gay slurs he made the first season and I think that bleeds over to his feeling for Teresa. I also think Joe G. is a typical macho idiot who does things without thinking that gravely effects his family! Also, I think Andy is so pro-Caroline Manzo that his was taking sides with her against Teresa!

    • All About The Tea

      Hello & Welcome

  • ANDY COHEN HATES TERESA GIUDICE in my strong opinion and e all know Andy lies and lives in a fantasy soap opera world per his own book.

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    I wish Andy didn’t like her as much as he did so he would fire her guilty ass. But he’s a pathetic, misogynistic piece of nasty crap–I with Bravo would remove him and his wonky eye along with Teresa.

    I also love how in her statement that she didn’t say “crimes” she called them “mistakes.” Um, hello? A mistake is when you forgot to calculate a tip into your dinner check. A CRIME is when you purposely defraud banks, the government–as well as rip people off.

    I just wanted to smack her ape face when I heard her statement (that no one believes came from her own pen). She’d have to be born with a new brain to be that articulate.

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  • joeyr

    I no longer watch this stupid show. I absolutely hate Teresa and her family. Her stupid husband and bratty, ugly kids. She thinks she can do no wrong and isn’t even embarrassed by what she and her moronic husband did. She thinks she is so special and of course Bravo makes her that way. I watched 5 min on 9/11 and had to change channels. She is so revolting and I am so hoping her idiod spouse gets deported and he takes his whole family with him.