RHOA: Peter Thomas Involved In A Tenant/Landlord Dispute — Peter Thomas owes $100K+ Rent For Bar One

Posted on Feb 24 2014 - 10:02am by Robin Larkson


While social media is ablaze with innuendo that Peter Thomas may be an accomplice to Apollo Nida who recently was arrested on Federal charges for engineering elaborate financial schemes that involved auto loans and identify thief and money laundering, now Peter Thomas tries to clear the air. Cynthia Bailey denies Peter’s involvement emphatically. The Feds believe the schemes have brought in millions of dollars.


Peter Thomas who is married to the beautiful Cynthia Bailey of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, broke down to do an interview to squash rumors that he is $100,000 behind in rent payments on the property he rents for his Bar One night club / dinner club. One source told us that in his interview, Peter claims one of the co-owner of the property, Eloshua Elliott and Showtime Cafe where Bar One is located is in foreclosure and the rent payments he made until last March to the co-owner was not being sent to the mortgage company (First Fidelity Bank). To protect his interest in Bar One at the property, Peter Thomas was advised by his attorney to began depositing the rent payments to the attorney and is placed in escrow.

Also according to our source, the property where Cynthia Bailey runs her modeling agency and talent company are also involved in a separate lawsuit against Peter Thomas, where the owner, Eloshua Elliott claims Peter owes supposedly more than $29,000 in back rent. According to our source, the property where Cynthia has her modeling agency and talent company was auctioned off last October. Peter claims he has not problems making rent payments on his properties and that he is simply “in the middle of the crossfire,” and will make payments for both properties as soon as the owners get their bank issues completely resolved.

The landlord has filed other charges in his complaint include late fees, bank charges, property taxes and unpaid utilities approximately $5,000.

Do you think this will be another episode of Peter Thomas pulling on Cynthia Bailey’s purse strings?
Do you think Mallory and will expose Peter for taking advantage of Cynthia’s earning power?

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  • WestCoastFeed

    Thank you, Robin, for giving Peter’s complete version of this story. Time will tell whether or not the monies are indeed in an escrow account. But other bloggers have very unfairly left that part out of the story.

  • RonnieIsBack

    This is why I like this site.

  • twifan2

    I thought I saw Peter’s first Bar One on the very first epi of HWoAtl. :/
    Looked like a small place with no place to sit.
    Either way, Cynthia needs to hold tight to HER purse/bank acct!

  • WestCoastFeed

    I only saw a couple of minutes at the end of last night’s episode, but I did see enough to see Nene throw that water bottle. ROL is claiming that Marlo threw it. What gives? Is ROL just wrong again, or were there 2 bottles tossed?

  • Dr Seuss

    Great job Robin! It’s good to get the full story not just a slanted version.

  • Robin…super awesome blog!! Thank you!!
    PETER is not involved with Apollo imo.
    Peter is always broke – imo
    I like Cyn n Peter – so sad Peter just cant quit strippers n booze imo he would make a successful business owner if he did imo

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