RHOA: Did Nene Leakes Lie & Kenya Moore Tell The Truth? [PROOF]

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 7:31am by Editor

Kenya Moore

On Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore held a masquerade ball to benefit, Saving Our Daughters, a local charity in honor of special guest, Nene Leakes.

Saving Our Daughters, is a non-profit organization that focuses on building literacy and creating tools to get teen girls discussing key issues and fired up to take the power away from bullying, (cyber, gossip, face-to-face), date abuse, hate crimes, school violence, violence against women, and other esteem slayers.

The ball was Kenya’s heartfelt attempt to get back in Nene’s good graces after the pillow talk brawl that Nene blames Kenya for. Unfortunately for Kenya, Nene was none to pleased with Kenya arranging an event without notifying the guest of honor personally. E-invites are not worthy of a diva like Mrs. Leakes. Despite Nene’s displeasure with Ms. Moore, she attended the event for the “kids.” Suuuuure it was for the kids!

Regrettably for the kids, drama was at the top of the ladies agenda and raising money for a charity was not. Throwing shade in Shadyville is to be expected.  As planned by Bravo, the event backfired on the former beauty queen and the fallout is reminiscent of the Chernobyl disaster.

Kenya Moore

Curtis Benjamin, CEO of Saving Our Daughters, is claiming his organization has not received any donations generated from the masquerade ball. The charity released the following statement:

“To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball.”

Save Our Daughters Statement

Well, the former beauty queen was not going to have her credibility trashed without checkmating somebody. Shortly after Benjamin’s statement was released, a series of text messages between Kenya Moore and Curtis Benjamin became public. In the text messages, Mr. Benjamin contradicts his statement above by thanking Kenya for her donation and contributions on behalf of the event.

“Hi Kenya – Thank you for your personal donation as well. Here is the address so we can make it on time. Saving Our Daughters 311 Ryan Trail Dallas, GA 30157 :) “

“We will email over your thank you receipt letter this week from our trustee board for your total donation. Again thank you. :) “

After the event, Benjamin sent a follow-up text:

“Thought the event went well that night.”

Exclusive screenshots of text messages from the CEO of Saving Our Daughters, thanking Kenya for her donation via LoveBScott.

TEXT #1                                                                                          TEXT #2

Text 1text2

                                                                                          TEXT #4


Kenya Moore tweets and canceled checks:

Kenya Moore Checks


  • $10,000 – Total cost of event….rented mansion, valet parking, decor, PR costs, etc.
  • Text #2 (above) states, Saving Our Daughters, CEO spoke with Nene and she was aware she would be representing the charity at the event
  • Kenya Moore’s canceled checks  proves she made a personal donation of $500
  • The event cost Bravo $10,000 and a donation of only $500 was made
  • All parties involved was aware this
  • Bravo orchestrated drama should not be at the expense of a charity
  • An agreed upon fee should have been determined beforehand and funds donated in a timely manner
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  • Bernice

    One thing for sure Kenya may be messy as hell, but she’s NOBODY’S FOOL!!
    NeNe and the charity has been proven in a lie.
    NeNe is coming for her, but NeNe is no match of wits. Kenya gas been soaring NeNe misleading her to think she was boss or a BEAST while all along sizing her ass up knowing her arrogance and temper makes her easy pry when time was right!
    It’s really funny fact that shit NeNe planned to destroy Kenya with is what’s blown up in her own face! .

    • Dr Seuss

      Apparently, Saving Our Daughters tax status was revoked in August and their 990 status also. Something else that’s shady….Nene’s publicist sits on the board of trustees for the charity.

      • ohdearme

        Why does the screen shot of the phone say “no service” do you think?

        • Dr Seuss

          LMAO! Damn you’re good! She have been in an area with no service or she didn’t pay the bill

          • WestCoastFeed

            kenya is in Lagos,Nigeria. Perhaps service is harder to access there.

          • Dr Seuss

            Ah, that’s right. I heard she was in Africa but with Kenya you never know what tricks she may be up to. I trust none of these “stars.”

      • RonnieIsBack

        Ahhhhhh are U serious? dirty moose and her peeps. She is getting to be like Shady Phae…

        • Dr Seuss

          DEAD SERIOUS!! Moose, the LIE-AWYER all the same shady people. SMH!!!! According to tax documents, Saving Our Daughters has not filed a tax return since 2009. On May 15, 2013, their status as a tax-exempt organization was automatically revoked by the IRS, according to the official government database.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    What a hot mess!!! These women can’t seem to raise a penny for a real charity! Stop trying and continue your fighting and shopping, as that is all you seem able to do!

    • Dr Seuss

      Morning Naws! I agree.

      • noarguingwithstupid

        As much as I dislike Kenya, she seems to be the only one giving to the charities. I don’t know if it is heartfelt or if she just wants to save face!! It is very strange. Who would give money to a charity without checking it out first? and why won’t anyone else give? Are there any people at these events or just extras hired by Bravo? The whole thing smells fishy. Who goes to a charity event and doesn’t even give 20 bucks? I just don’t get it.

        • Dr Seuss

          I’m with you Naws. I really think the whole event was planned from start to finish by Bravo and all the players involved knew exactly what was going to happen. The whole things feels very familiar.

          • noarguingwithstupid

            And it seems all of these so called “charities” are the same–questionable! I know there are so many really deserving charities for abused women in Atlanta. I don’t get it and I don’t think I want to know.

          • mon88

            Well it’s in ATL home of the frauds what did you expect?

  • SAMRA1116

    Something is shady about the whole charity thing. Well we will see
    Nene is out of control n she’s needs an attitude adjustment stat.
    Kenya is just herself–shady n smiling while doing it.

  • Dr Seuss

    More on the charity….Save Our Daughters has not filed the proper forms with the IRS to be considered a charitable organization and is not recognized as a legitimate charity. Oh Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RX

    Kenya hired Brandon to “act” as her asst when B is a real life actor from Wisc living in Cali #rhoA

  • RX

    #rhoa The emcee from Kendra’s Charity Ball is Fame Whore = Kendra Davis aka Kim Zolciak landlord, interior designer, lawsiut

  • mon88

    This is getting good

    • Dr Seuss

      The plot thickens!!!

  • RonnieIsBack

    I love it!!!!!!!!! Kenya always keeps the “receipts” and she sends copies to her friends so they will have her back..
    Now that is how you do it!
    Ding Dong the Moose is Gone….

    • Dr Seuss

      Goooo on Ronnie!!! 🙂

      #Dead @ Ding Dong the Moose is Gone!!