Adrienne Maloof Accuses Paul Nassif Of Abuse, Seeks Protective Order

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 4:09am by Robin Larkson

Adrienne Maloof

The divorce drama between Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif rages on!

Once again, Adrienne is accusing her estranged hubby, Paul Nassif of physically abusing her in front of their boys.

The former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star went to court on Valentine’s Day – seeking an emergency protective order from her estranged hubby, Paul Nassif.

As you may remember, last year, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went to court claiming Paul was abusive to one their 3 children (named Gavin and twins Colin and Christian) and was seen choking the boy as a measure of discipline.

Adrienne’s request for an emergency protective order was denied.  In her request, Adrienne states that Paul violently grabbed her cell phone as she was taking pictures of her children.

Dr. Nassif of course disputes Adrienne’s claims and says that he grabbed the cell phone because Adrienne was trying to film him while he was disciplining the kids so she could use the video in their court battle for custody.  He claims Adrienne was aggressive towards him and had gotten in his face with the camera.

The court date has been set for April 4, 2014, where Paul Nassif may counter and may seek a restraining order against Adrienne.

We are witnessing a very nasty divorce in progress. I hope these two will try to keep the feuding away from their children.

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  • SAMRA1116

    Adrienne get lost–u insulted this man every chance u received. U are divorced n so call happy. Let Paul live his life, without ur nagging. Men have a different way of doing things, let him do his job. Let the courthouse alone, they are sick of ur BS. Have Bernie drop off the kids.

    • Dr Seuss

      Thank you!! Totally bogus story on Adrienne’s part.

      • SAMRA1116

        I hate women like her, she don’t want him, but she wants to make his life a living hell. Why start something while the kids are watching. They are boys n boys need some disciple—if he don’t set limits now, they will be entitled brats, like their mother. UGH

  • RX

    The pictures of Adri bruises r so staged and look just like my son looked after a major martial arts tournament. The pictures looked nothing like a women looks after being savagely beat by a man. N MY OPINION