RHOA: Apollo Nida Busted For Partying With Other Women on Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 8:21pm by Editor

In addition to his mounting legal woes, Apollo Nida, star of the Real Housewive’s of Atlanta is adding more items to his list of problems. According to RadarOnline, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was caught red-handed with his hand in the kitty (pun intended).

Apollo chose to spend  Valentine’s night partying in a South Carolina nightclub while his wife worked promoting her book in New Orleans.

Several of the women Apollo interacted with took to social media to expose his exploits.

One of the women identified as “luv_nicole,” posted the following photo, showing her leg wrapped around him. The caption read “Apollo was so nice…idk why he tried to pick me up tho.”

Apollo Nida Cheating


Another women tweeted:

Another tweet, eluding to more bad behavior:

As if the couple weren’t going through enough with Apollo’s federal fraud charges. Phaedra without a doubt will have serious questions for her husband about the highly inappropriate risque photo and tweets!

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  • RX

    Per the terms of Apollo’s Bail.
    APOLLO basically only leaves home to do PAID APPEARANCES

    Apollo can not consume Alcohol.

    • ohdearme

      The order says zero about s e x or hook ups. Does one need alcohol to be s e x u a l l y active?

  • ohdearme

    Apollo knows what he’s facing *clink*, he has to make some memories to take with him lol.

  • Soncie22

    Hmmm…sounds interesting. Look, I’m not a fan of Phaedra’s but Apollo’s behavior is not only embarrassing but disrespectful..and my opinion has nothing to do with the above photo. Well, actually it does–see it’s not what you do, but how. It’s stupid for Apollo, especially with all his legal issues to put himself in what some would say, a compromising situation. Now, some would say:”what’s the big deal, it’s only a picture” And to that, I say: “A picture is worth a thousand divorces”

    • ohdearme

      Hey Soncie,
      It’s been ages or so it seems since we’ve chatted. ITA, if Phakedra is not done with him, she should be! lol I think she knew what he was doing regarding the fraud, however she doesn’t want people to talk about “them” or “him” just as she confided after the fight, he is totally disrespecting her as if he is DONE! I would have to divorce him if I were her just because.

    • Dr Seuss

      Totally embarrassing and disrespectful. Grabbing that women’s leg like that, trying to pick her up is out of line. I think divorce is coming for these two also.

      • ohdearme

        Phakedra is smart, she will wait until his trial or plea bargain is over and he’s behind bars to serve him. That will avoid her testifying against him.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    It’s time for Phaedra to file the papers!!!! This guy has got to go!

    • ohdearme

      lol, ITA NAWS, he’s too much.

  • ZammyB

    I feel uber bad saying this…but does anyone else notice his nether regions appearing very happy? I mean that’s nutso!

    • Dr Seuss

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OMG YES!!!!